Type S

This type needs to find the triggers behind the reasons why you reach for food when not hungry. Using specifically tailored exercises this type can find solutions that will work uniquely for you.

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Your DietQ Type “S” Attributes

You may know your personality type, but do you know how that type affects your eating habits? By combining your personality attributes with you eating attitudes and questions specific to your DietQ Type S, you will have a solid Plan to change your eating behaviors. You can do this. You will be led through a series of structured steps to internalize your controls around food based on your DietQ Type S.

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  • Emotions
  • Neurochemical
  • Loss of Control
  • Types of Foods


This type often believes that your eating behaviors and not being able to stay on a diet is your problem. You usually do not know what triggers them to overeat. You were fine one moment and the suddenly you find yourself reaching for food or thinking and planning your escape into the food. It temporarily makes you feel better. It becomes a way of dealing with the stress of the day, removing unwanted thoughts, or take care of yourself. you may graze on food all day long. This type does more for others then you do for yourself. You may think you have no willpower.

People vary even within DietQ Types. After you took the Quiz your personalized DietQ Results gives you a detailed breakdown of your attributes. These results puts you into a Type category that is specific to your personality, lifestyle, eating attitudes, and triggers. The DietQ Plan for your Type will show you what makes you eat when you do not want to, not stop when full, and gives you a path to solutions that can last for a lifetime.

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