Type R

People with this type usually begin with an attempt to lose weight. You may lose the weight you hoped to only to find that it is not enough and you need to lose more. Other people may tell you that you are too thin but when you look in the mirror you honestly see a fat image. You may feel compelled to exercise to lose weight. You may have developed a fear of gaining weight that affects your lifestyle. Start your Plan now to achieve and maintain your ideal weight without obsessing about calories, weight or body image.

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You may know your personality type, but do you know how that type affects your eating habits? By combining your personality attributes with you eating attitudes and questions specific to your DietQ Type R, you will have a solid Plan to change your eating behaviors. You can do this. You will be led through a series of structured steps to internalize your controls around food based on your DietQ Type R.

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  • Food Variety
  • Loss of Control
  • Neurochemical
  • Genetics
  • Obsessive Thoughts


People vary even within DietQ Types. Your Quiz results puts you into a Type category that is specific to your personality, lifestyle, eating attitudes, and triggers. The DietQ Plan gives you a path to solutions that can last for a lifetime.

If a person has lost significant weight that it is noticeable to friends and family and progress is not made with your Plan, professional help may be required. This Type can develop into an eating disorder. Your Coach will guide you to the appropriate help. Also free phone assessments are available to see if you may have an eating disorder at 800-711-6336 .

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