Type E

This type can develop a cycle of overeating and getting rid of the food that can be very hard to get out of. Learning solutions for this type and abstaining from the eliminating behavior is necessary. The recovery process requires patience with oneself, correcting negative self-talk, and looking at your progress over weeks and months instead of focusing on daily results.

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You may know your personality type, but do you know how that type affects your eating habits? By combining your personality attributes with you eating attitudes and questions specific to your DietQ Type E, you will have a solid Plan to change your eating behaviors. You can do this. You will be led through a series of structured steps to internalize your controls around food based on your DietQ Type E.

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  • Loss of Control
  • Neurochemical
  • Portion Control
  • Impact on Life Style


People with this type may have innocently started a behavior of getting rid of your food. You may have eaten too much, felt ill and got sick. You may have panicked when you realized you overate or ate the wrong things and made yourself sick to eliminate the calories.

You may use exercise, extreme sports, dance, laxatives, diuretics,or weight loss products to purge the extra calories. You may run or exercise as long as you think it will take to get rid of the extra calories. This is in contrast to healthy moderate exercise that does not include the constant thoughts of getting food and getting rid of what you ate. This person may be of normal weight, but your eating behaviors cause you much inner conflict. Usually you will try to hide the behavior, sometimes even from yourself until it becomes a habitual habit that seems impossible to break.

People vary even within DietQ Types. After you took the Quiz your personalized DietQ Results Report gave you a detailed breakdown of your attributes. These results puts you into a Type category that is specific to your personality, lifestyle, eating attitudes, and triggers. The DietQ Plan for your Type will show you what makes you eat when you do not want to, not stop when full, and gives you a path to solutions that can last for a lifetime.

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