Type B

A person with DietQ Type “B” may eat large amounts of food in a short period of time. You may hide food, or go to the grocery store to get your favorite “binge” foods. You may think and plan the binge ahead of time. You may start eating normally and then find you cannot quit eating. You may feel ashamed or out of control. You may not eat all day then binge at night. You may restrict yourself with a diet until you rebel and overeat uncontrollably. Type “B” eating behaviors usually start in response to a diet.

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Your DietQ Type “B” Attributes

You may know your personality type, but do you know how that type affects your eating habits? By combining your personality attributes with you eating attitudes and questions specific to your DietQ Type “B”, you will have a solid Plan to change your eating behaviors. You can do this. You will be led through a series of structured steps to internalize your controls around food based on your DietQ Type “B”.

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  • Types of Foods
  • Loss of Control
  • Neurochemical
  • Genetics
  • Emotions
  • Weight Fluxuations


This type may go all day without eating and overeat in the evening or night. You may eat normally or adhere to your diet for long periods of time, but eventually you blow it and overeat large quantities of food in a short amount of time. You may eat in private or hide your food. you may feel zoned out during this time and then realize how much you have eaten. You may feel disgusted with yourself and mentally beat yourself up. you may think you have a loss of control. After a binge there are usually two types of behaviors that follows: the may think I have blown it so I will continue to splurge or you will go for longer periods of time of not eating or eating very little. The pattern then continues.

The DietQ Type “B” often does not know why you are doing what you are. The first step you will take will be to understand what makes you do what you don not want to do. You will be able to initiate a plan of action that works for you.

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