Type A

For this type awareness is key. Everyone is different! There are some very specific steps to take to first find out if there are certain foods that are triggering you.

Knowing your individual food reactions changes everything! You will understand why you have not been able to succeed with your diet plans in the past.

With this knowledge you can proceed at your own pace to make incremental changes that will completely change the reasons you are overeating or experiences physical symptoms.

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People vary even within DietQ Types. The results from your quiz puts you into a Type category that is specific to your personality, lifestyle, eating attitudes, and triggers. The DietQ Plan for your Type will show you what makes you eat when you do not want to, not stop when full, and gives you a path to solutions that can last for a lifetime.

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  • Types of Foods
  • Loss of Control
  • Neurochemical
  • Genetics
  • Emotions
  • Obsessive Thoughts


Different foods makes different people feel and react in different ways. There are certain foods that cause this type to experience cravings and bingeing is triggered. Knowing what foods affect you is necessary in order to make your DietQ Plan work for a lifetime.

Until you discover the food or foods that are triggering you, you will continue to overeat the foods you do not want to eat. Sometimes you will omit other food or calories to be able to eat these foods. You think tomorrow will be different, but the pattern repeats itself over and over.

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