Rebecca Cooper

Leading Expert in Disordered Eating, Diets, Eating Disorders, Food Addictions, Author, and International Speaker

My passion has been to help more and more people to be free of disordered eating in all forms. Now everyone can have access to the program that has already helped thousands of people in the privacy in your own home.

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Rebecca Cooper

Masters in Clinical Psychotherapy, PhD Candidate Doctor of Philosophy, Licensed CA Therapist, Licensed Professional, Certified World Psychotherapist, Certified Eating Disorder Specialist, Founder of Rebecca’s House Eating Disorder Treatment Programs and Rebecca’s Eating Disorder Foundation (501c.3), Holistic Health Coach

Dedicated to promoting disordered eating awareness in all forms and teaching others her step-by-step method of healing disordered eating, eating disorders, food addictions, and yo-yo dieting.

Created an empowering method to change eating behaviors for a lifetime by removing the reasons why we eat when we are not hungry, and why we do not stop when we are full.

Selectively works with four clients each year in addition, to media and television appearances, teaching Mental Health Professionals about disordered eating and eating disorders, authoring books, articles, blogs, speaking at conferences, and hosting workshops.



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