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eCourse 1

Do you eat when you do not want to? Do you eat past being full? There is a predictable cycle that appears in out-of-control eating. You need to understand this cycle and learn the best point to break this cycle.

eCourse 2

Learn how to get back in touch with your true appetite signals. Know your individual range to start and stop eating. Follow the Decision Tree to determine if your wanting to eat is really physical hunger or something else.

eCourse 3

Every action starts with a thought. People with disordered eating feel they are hard-wired to eat because the thought of food crossed their mind. Learn how to be aware of self-defeating thought patterns and change your thinking.

eCourse 4

It takes a tremendous amount of emotional and physical energy or food to hold down your feelings. Learn how feelings affect your eating patterns and find your individual ways of best coping with them without using food or the thoughts of disordered eating.

eCourse 5

Learn an effective way of changing the way you take care of your Self. By changing the relationship you have with your Self, you begin to heal in all areas of your life.

eCourse 6

What do you really believe about your Self and your life? What do you really value? You will learn what are your true beliefs and values, and what are old, past, erroneous, programming so you live in alignment with your Self.

eCourse 7

Living authentically is one of the keys to happiness and peace. As you become more aware of your Self and comfortable with you this becomes easier to do.

eCourse 8

Everyone on earth has a meaning and purpose. When the behaviors and thoughts of disordered eating are no longer present, you have time and access to finding your individual path. You will learn key indicators and practices that help you find out what your

Online Programs



$ 297

  • Eight DietQ Online Courses
  • Step by Step videos
  • eBook
  • Eight Guided Imagery
  • Handouts to Download
  • Self-Discovery Homework



$ 597

  • Eight Online Coaching Sessions
  • Eight 30-Minute Sessions; that can be combined
  • Help with Questions and Homework
  • Motivation and Accountability
  • eMail Support Between Sessions
  • Text Support Between Sessions



$ 797

  • Silver and Gold Packages Combined
  • For the Ultimate Transformation
  • Sessions Personalization by Your DietQ Coach
  • Eight Customized Online eCourses
  • Eight Personalized 30-Minute Coaching Sessions

VIP - Rebecca


$ 5997

  • Eight Customized Online eCourses
  • Eight Personalized 30-Minute Coaching Sessions with Rebecca
  • 20 Years of Professional Experience
  • Spaces Limited to 4 Clients per Year
  • Workshop